Other StoriesEdit

P.S. I have multiple profiles. I have Theseddieshippinger, Caseoftheseddie10136, Caseoftheseddie10136 (YouTube), Caseoftheseddie101360, Kent1235, Kent1235 (Nick), Kent1236, Kent1237, Kent1237 (Nick), Lukeduke, Carly Shay, and thats all.

Otras HistoriasEdit

  • El Seddie (Cancelado)
  • Sam's Fabulosa Aventura (Esta no es la historia se Seddie y es al mismo tiempo)
  • Los Sims: Mundo De Aventuras
  • La historia de Jathan
  • Seddie Vs. Creddie Historia
  • La historia de Seddie (Wiki Original)

P.S. Tengo varios perfiles. Me han Theseddieshippinger (Elseddiegastosdeenvíoer), Caseoftheseddie10136 (Casodedelosseddie10136), Caseoftheseddie101360 (Casodelosseddie101360), Kent1235, Kent1236, Kent1237, Lukeduke (Lucasduque), Carly Shay, y eso es todo.

Latest activityEdit

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