Miss. Briggs: And that was a thousand reasons why science is important. (Whispers) I hate this job.

Everybody: (Asleep)

(Sam's Dream; Snow White; Home Of The Dwarfs)

Sam: Hello? Hello? (Smells the air) Ewww! It smells like T-Bo's Poop Smoothies in here.

Gibby Dwarf: Hi! I'm Gibby.

Sam: Hi I'm Sam.

(Witch Sound)

Gibby: (Runs Away)

Sam: (Confused)

Witch Briggs: Hi! Would you like an apple?

Sam: No chiz.

Witch Briggs: (Gives Sam the apple)

Sam: (Takes a bite out of the apple and faints)

Witch Briggs: (Evil laugh)

(The Forest)

Witch Briggs: Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the nicest of them all?

Mirror Carly: I'm not even on a wall!

Witch Briggs: Yes. And your lucky I didn't break you!

(Somewhere Else In The Forest)

Prince Freddie: (Finds Sam) Oh no!

Gibby: Yeah. She was just right here already dead.

Prince Freddie: There's gotta be some way to wake her up!

Gibby: Yes indeed. The way to break the curse is true love's kiss.

Freddie: How do you know that?

Gibby: I have a scroll.

Freddie: It's worth a shot. (Kisses Sam)

Sam: (Wakes up)

Freddie: Are you okay?

Sam: (Sees Freddie in a dreamy kind of way) I am now.

Gibby & Carly: (Running) RUN!!!!!!!!!

Freddie & Sam: (Start running)

Sam: I thought Carly was a mirror!

(Years Later In The Dream)

Freddie: I do.

Gibby: Do Samantha Puckett take Freddie Benson as your husband?

Sam: I do.

Gibby: You may kiss the bride.

Freddie: (Kisses Sam)

(Class; Dream Is Over)

Miss. Briggs: WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!