(In School; At The Lockers)

Sam: (Crying)

Freddie: What's wrong?

Sam: You're going to dump me.

Freddie: That's not true.

Sam: Then why do I think that?

Freddie: I think it was that drama movie from yesturday.

Sam: True.

Freddie: You actually think I'll dump you?

Sam: Yes.

Freddie: Well that's not going to happen.

Sam: Do you promise?

Freddie: I promise. (Kisses Sam on the forehead)

Sam: Thanks.

Speakers: It is now 12 o'clock and all school doors are locked.

Random Kid: (Running and screaming)

Sam: What is wrong with that guy?

Freddie: I have no idea.

Carly: (Sees Sam & Freddie) Come on! We need to finish the project!

(Science Class/Project Room)

Carly: How the heck do we finish this project?!?!?!

Freddie: Connect the blue tube to the green tube thats right next to the blue cord that plugs into the green hole with the purple one to start the robot that moves the lights.

Sam: (Asleep dreaming about Freddie breaking up with her)

Carly: I wonder what she's dreaming about.

Sam: (Talking in her sleep) Freddie. Don't break up with me. I love you.

Freddie: I think she is having that dream again.

Carly: What dream?

Freddie: She's dreaming about me dumping her.

Carly: And she knows they aren't true right?

Freddie: To her they are all true.

Sam: (Starting to cry) Stop trying to kill me, mom.

Freddie: But, I never heard that!

Carly: (Wakes up Sam)

Sam: What? (Awake)

Carly: What's wrong with your mom?

Sam: What are you talking about?

Carly: You talk in your sleep.

Sam: So, I guess that you know that my mom hates me.

Carly: She hates you?

Sam: YES!

(To Be Continued)