(Shay Apartment Living Room)

Carly: (Walks in) Hey Spencer!

Spencer: Hey kiddo!

Carly: Do you think something weard is going on with Sam and Freddie?

Spencer: Yeah! Today I saw them hugging. Oh, and by the way its time for iCarly!

Carly: Thanks! (Goes upstairs)

(iCarly Studio)

Sam: (Slaps Freddie)

Freddie: Stop!

Carly: (Walks in) STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP!

Sam: What is it, Carls?

Carly: I got three tickets to see Eat, Pray, Kill.

Sam: Cool!

Freddie: Can we come?

Carly: NO!

Sam: Why not?

Carly: Its because you guys won't stop arguing!

Sam: We don't argue.

Carly: Yeah you do!

(At The Movie Theater)

Carly: This movie is great!

Gibby: Yeah. (Puts arm around Carly)