(Sam's House In NYC)

Sam: (Calls Nevel) Hey why did you call?

Nevel: You know that theater nextdoor?

Sam: Yeah.

Nevel: Carly is chosen for one of the characters in the new show.

Sam: Really?

Nevel: (Hangs up)


Carly: (Walks in) Yeah?

Sam: Your gonna be live on broadway!

Carly: (Faints)

(Later at the theater)

Office Manager: Welcome to the Broadway Theater, how may I help you?

Carly: I am in the new show here.

Office Manager: The show is down the hall, third door on your left.

Carly: Thanks! (Goes to room)

(At The Room)

Angelica: Hi i'm Angelica, and who might you losers be?

Sam: Watch it! (Punches Angelica)

Angelica: Your webshow is stupid, nobody likes you, and you'll never be famous.

Sam: (Punches Angelica)

Angelica: Security!

Police: (Walks in) Yes Angelica?

Angelica: Arrest these two!

Police: (Handcuffs Carly & Sam)

Carly: I didn't even do anything!

(Later in jail at Carly & Sam's Barcells)

Freddie: Comes in. Don't worry! I'm bailing you guys out!

Sam: Thanks!

Freddie: Let me guess, I'm your hero?

Sam: I was gonna say guy without a aturnity, but whatever!

Freddie: I gotta go spend all of my money on jail.

Sam: (Kisses Freddie trough the bars)


Police: You have been bailed out. (Unlocks the barcells)

Sam: (Hugs Freddie)


(At a party [Sam & Carly out of jail])

Freddie: I have an announcement!

Everybody: (Looks at Freddie)

Freddie: (Stands on his knee and looks at Sam) The ten years i've known you I have been very happy.

Sam: (Confused)

Freddie: Samantha Puckett, will you marry me?

Sam: YES! (Hugs Freddie)

Carly: Awwwww!

Gibby: Gibbeah!