(Ridgeway Highschool)

Carly: Did you here about that contest?

Sam: Yeah! I can't wait to win that contest and go to New York! I love NY!

Carly: Too bad we barely have a chance.

Sam: We got the best chance.

Miss. Briggs: (Staples list on wall) I am officialy starting the contest NOW!

Sam: (Runs up to the list) I am FIRST! (Signs name)

Carly: (Signs name)

Miss Briggs: The announcment is tomarroww!

Freddie: (Walks by) Hi!

Sam: Hey, Fishtickler.

Freddie: (Mad) You promised you wouldn't bring that up!

Sam: (Leaves)

(The next day)

Everybody: (Staring at speaker)

Carly: I can't wait!

Sam: I was first.

Carly: I know that!

Speakers: The winner is...

Freddie: Come on!

Sam: Say it!

Speakers: Samantha Puckett!

Sam: YES!

Carly: (Gives Sam a hug)

Sam: (Hugs Freddie)

Freddie: (Hugs Back)

Sam: (Pulls away)

Freddie: (Happy)

Sam: (Kisses Freddie)

Carly: Well that was unexpected.

(Sam's House)

Freddie: (Puts suitcase in the car) Well, thats the rest of it.

Sam: Thanks. (Kisses Freddie)

Freddie: So, are we boyfriend and girlfriend now?

Sam: Yeah. You should know, I got another ticket to New York. (Gives Freddie a ticket)

Freddie: Oh! I'm not packed.

Sam: Yeah, about that...

Freddie: What?

Sam: Your stuff is already in New York.

(Later At NYC)

Sam: We're finally here!

Freddie: So what was the trip for again?

Sam: Well, it's not a trip.

Freddie: What?

Sam: It was a contest to live here.

Freddie: And I was your first choice?

Sam: Yeah, pretty much. (Kisses Freddie)

Freddie: Okay, when did you start to like me again?

Sam: I haven't stopped.

Freddie: Seriously?

Sam: Yes!

Freddie: This is going to be a long day.

Carly: (Runs in) I'M HERE!

Sam: What are you doing here?

Carly: I was the second winner. Hey, what's Freddie doing here?

Sam: I gave him the extra ticket.

Carly: Oh.

Sam: (Hears phone ring) I'll get it. (Answers phone) Hi.

Nevel: You rue the day, Carly! You just rue it!

Sam: I'm Sam.

Nevel: Oh. Well bye. (Hangs up phone)